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Bad Barista Brew

Here’s a terrible story from my butthole to you.
About a white choc coffee turned hellish goo.

I dunno what was in it, nor what spell it cast.
But straight after downing, I needed a toilet fast.

Something was not right in that strange coffee brew.
I could tell cos my tum became a bubbling stew.

My gut flipped and flopped, I needed to void this slop.
I quickened my pace and knew I must not stop.

I was out on the town but luckily a loo was near.
As soon as I touched down, my rectum felt the fear.

The valve of my nethers opened with a wide yawn.
And outward rushed the brown plus a piece of corn.

My legs kicked upward, my cheeks pressed hard.
A gushing torrent flooded like a river of brown lard.

I was sweating bullets, the intense heat was like fire.
And the stench hit as if some creature had expired.

I got outta there fast, I had to flee that horrid scene.
Back to the barista cos I needed more mocha beans!

Pure Pooetry

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