We are all about penmanshit. Our fresh pooems flow rich with the aroma of STINK. They will bring a tear to your brown eye, and a deep warm feeling within the cockles of your bowels.

Pure Pooetry is the definition of a bog blog. To put it plainly, we write pooems. That’s right, poems about poop! We were not the first website to dedicate to rhyming defecation, but we are easily the best. There are a few other websites with meagre amounts of pooetry, but Pure Pooetry sits proud on the porcelain throne, triumphant over all! Our large pile of pooetry is nearly the 1000 pooem mark. Constantly and steadily growing, our pooems ooze freshly non-stop.

Pure Pooetry was birthed one foul morning from a dark brown cubicle’s canal. It is the union of like-minded individuals who find themselves drifting away down the loo-lake of immature imaginings. This full-flavoured and steamy combination came together in the lumpy and corn-encrusted inTURDnet website you see before you.

In FebPOOary 2018 Pure Pooetry released their first physical book, Volume 1: Voiding The Vowels. Over 300 pooems crammed into 100 pages, and there’s over 20 pooems written expoosively for the book! In addition, the book includes a butt-load of homemade brown sculptures! You can buy a copy from our online shop, or on