Magic, Pooetry

Repugnant Rapunzel

An ungodly stink so fetid and sick…
Hit my nostrils like a tonne of bricks.

A blunt force trauma so cruel and vile.
Could only signal a wretched brown pile.

I started to sweat like no tomorrow.
Something awful was bound to follow.

Worse than landfill, more hated than trash.
I cried aloud and heard the heavy splash.

Picturing the mass sinking to the floor…
I sobbed and begged, “Please, no more!”

But another helping was oozed into life.
The sound filled me with terror and strife.

Yet again I echoed a horrible grunt and groan.
The precursor to fecal southward thrown.

Followed by the splash, and occasional plop.
Slimy torpedoes into water did drop.

Again, out flops another soggy lump.
This was the longest, continuous dump.

A world record snake, enough to fill a lake.
Coiled in the bowl, a new home it did make.

Then again as if a lever had been yanked…
Another rich brown deposit was banked.

Like a soft-serve ice cream, chocolate of course.
Oozed without end and slowly, not forced.

But the flow was steady, strong and constant.
The smell left me feeling quite despondent.

The flooding never-ending, felt unusual and queer.
Like an everflowing stream had become my rear.

As if someone had left a tap on and fled.
The porcelain was now being infinitely fed.

Like this pooem, like this wretched state…
There is no ending, I just sit and wait.


“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, cease the golden-brown scare!
I wish to be free from this prison porcelain chair!”

Pure Pooetry

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