Pooetry, The High Seas

Stubborn Brown Chunks

A big blast of urine was not enough.
To substitute the power of the flush.

Clinging to the bowl’s inner wall…
Was a sight disdained by all!

This grotty substance was firmly stuck.
I prayed this flush would erase the muck.

I pressed the button and hoped for the best.
But alas I was cursed and not blessed.

The brown chunks stared back in defiance.
As if mocking me, refusing compliance.

They are stuck like barnacles to my white whale.
I try scrubbing with the brush, but to no avail!

I’m Captain Ahab and I must clear the poop deck!
I insist my vessel be free of brown specks!

Who dared leave the toilet in this sorry state?
Toward their chunks, I feel fuming hate!

It is completely uncouth, disgusting and base.
I’ll force them to clean this with their face!

But then I had the terrible and horrid realisation…
It was I who left these grotesque encrustations!

Pure Pooetry


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