Magic, Pooetry

Into The Doo-Dimension

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
I have here a tale that will make you hurl!

Shizhard Wizard here, rhyming through the ages.
Here’s a pooem, straight from history’s pages.

Many full moons ago, after a glorious boggy-battle…
I transformed my foes into the poo of cattle.

Then without any indoocation, not even a tiny warning.
Something stirred inside and it wouldn’t wait until morning.

An inner gurgling said I needed to brownly unravel…
So into The Doo-Dimension I knew I must travel!

With a magical brown eye wink, I tele-potty-ported.
And my bowels readied the poop to be exported.

See, in awful and unclean medieval times…
Only gross places exist to drop your slime.

So The Doo-Dimension is where it’s at…
And it’s where I choose to extract my scat!

I arrived with a morphing swirl, like a flush.
My whole body shivers from the S-bend rush.

A cosmic-caca vacuum plugs into my rear.
It feels odd and I know this sounds queer.

My bowels quiver and my butt cheeks quake.
A trippy feeling as I release the brown snake.

As I’m unplugged I toot a fart loud and proud.
Sparkles twinkle into a gaseous brown cloud!

Many space races are patrons in The Doo-Dimension.
All come here to extract brown like a caca-convention!

Pure Pooetry

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