Coffee, Mornings, Pooetry

Breakfast of Bog

What’s for breakfast? Is it crappy crepes?
Like Count Dumpula’s tumbling brown apes?

Or is it boring toast slathered in the gross fecal flutter…
We have Fecal Jam, Buttella and Papa’s Poonut Butter.

There’s also the worst caca-condiment of them all…
It’s Vegeshite, with a stink to make your skin crawl.

For cereal there’s Coco Poops, drenched in sour brown soup.
The odour is so sickly, you’d prefer a runny poorridge goop.

But at least there’s coffee, it hasn’t changed… much?
Oh wait, someone warmed the pot using their rear crotch.

Well, that’s all there is so you might as well dig in!
Afterwards you can flush it all into the fecal bin!

Pure Pooetry

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