Papa’s Poonut Butter

Papa Poosepi is the name and excreting excrement is the game.

Voiding my bowels is what I do. I then write pooetry about my poo.

This chunky delight erupted with gas, before and after I passed the mass.

And just when I thought I had finished, my hopes of leaving were diminished.

A second round of a chunky splutter… my very own brand of Poonut Butter.

It went KA-BOOM! then began to drizzle and it almost smelled like a sausage sizzle.

And like a BBQ the oil was hot. I don’t know what was in my rectal snot.

Finally I think my bowels are empty, the bowl is full, there’s poo a plenty.

I’m glad that this I’ve been able to share. Now I shall go and get some fresh air.

Pure Pooetry

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