Better Not Slip

Last night’s burger was delicious and nice.
But this morning my rectum is paying the price.

My gut felt normal, there were no issues at hand.
But suddenly a stirring from my rear gland.

It’s a feeling we all know, a feeling we dread.
Your body signals you’ve baked brown bread.

And you better unload the damn oven quickly.
Else you’ll find something gross and sickly.

My tummy lurched and did an awful tumble.
My butt responded with a loud farting rumble.

Into the porcelain, my rear did hurl.
My spine arched and creepily did curl.

Wave after wave the brown did rush.
The bowl filled quickly with the mush.

The final drop filled it to the very brim.
Better not slip else I go for a swim!

Pure Pooetry

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