A Searing Hot Wound

I can’t handle chilli like I once could.
Paprika leaves my nethers feeling not so good.

If a meal is loaded with too much spice…
My butthole is going to pay the price.

And yesterday I had a nasty hot combo.
Exotic thing, pronunciation was mumbo jumbo.

I knew things had gone terribly wrong…
When I inhaled the sizzling hot pong.

The fart was just a warning from beneath.
A steamy farewell, bowels soon bequeathed.

Then as time came to do the unloading…
I was filled with a sense of fiery foreboding.

It burned like hot coals through my inner pipes…
Searing and cauterizing, dreading the wipe.

Too late, my butthole melted like stringy cheese.
Now my poop comes out like hot runny grease.

Pure Pooetry

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