A Meaty Brown Stew

This meaty brown stew, in the form of my poo.
Its look and smell, sadly too well I knew.

As it left my flabby rump, this hefty behemoth dump…
Lighter I felt, having freed the monstrous lump.

Such a wide fat pastie, stunk more than a little nasty…
And the bowl now speckled from the outed blasty.

It sunk to the watery deep, and my brown eye gave a weep.
I’d longed for a clean break for many a week.

But this goo of mighty girth, that had a weighty worth…
Now clogged the pipes and refused to leave this earth.

The flusher failed my nose and the stink still arose…
Therefore I’m going to need to use the garden hose.

Pure Pooetry

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