Pooetry, The High Seas

The Big Brown Boa

A gusty southerly began to blow.
Churning the brown seas to and fro.

Monsoonal brown rain also fell.
Accompanied by the stench of Hell.

It was a fecal storm rated well off the Richter.
Producing a monstrous turd a brown boa constrictor.

It crashed and splashed and tried to escape…
But I needed to seal the beast’s stinky fate.

So I grabbed the plunger and held my breath.
Attempting to plunge the monster to its doodoo death.

Something went wrong, now there were two.
I had broken in half the slithering poo.

I quickly pressed the flush but began to cry.
I didn’t want the beast to again multiply.

So I got all the paper and shot for the three.
I slew the sewer serpent, planet earth was now free!

Pure Pooetry

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