What Goes Up Must Come Down

The wait was long but I found relief.
I was finally able to plant my cheeks.

The turd was brewing since I got to work.
But I was super busy cos the boss is a jerk.

I rushed through my work careful not to make mistakes.
I didn’t want to fill my jocks with chocolate cake.

So I scurried off and found the throne.
And sighed with relief, no greater joy is known.

With mighty thunder, the deuce exploded.
The porcelain stood no chance and become eroded.

Then a colleague came and used the adjacent lav.
He too would release a chunky brown sav.

Now that my relief was had it was time to wipe.
The procedure began but something wasn’t right.

Contact was made as something dropped into my hand.
“WTF was that!?!” I wondered and got up to stand.

I gazed upon my hand and hoped I wouldn’t see brown.
But immediately on my face appeared a frown.

In sheer terror and panic, I violently shook my hand.
The nugget flew into the cubicle used by the other man.

Pure Pooetry

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