Rumble in The Bronx

That seriously did not just happen…
An apoocalypse while I was a-crappin’.

Something monstrous was making its way…
Through my bowels and it wouldn’t stay.

I felt a rumble like an earthquake.
In my bowels, everything did shake.

Toilet paper tumbled off the shelf…
And an odor that made me ralph.

The toilets pipes began to burst.
A state of emergency at its worst.

Then the power failed and the lights went out.
Could I survive this mudslide? I had my doubts.

With a crack of thunder spewed a mighty deluge.
It was gaining speed…and it was huge.

Mammoth boulders of corn tumbled far below.
Destroying everything as I prepared for overflow.

I had to think quick so I pressed the flusher.
To banish some of the porcelain-crusher.

The bowl was empty but turd kept flowing.
It wouldn’t end it just kept going.

For the second time, the bowl had filled.
And again on the verge of a muddy spill.

So I held down the flusher for a continuous drain.
Success! It worked and left only a stain.

Then everything stopped shaking and the power returned.
The disaster was over and not a lesson was learned.

Pure Pooetry

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