A trumpeting butt toot, the game starts!
The teams are poised to do the best sharts!
The poopball is dropped, both teams scramble.
The poo-punters lock in their gooey-gambles.
All players are using their rear parts!

Touchdown! The Cheeky Pinks score!
And now everyone’s tied, it’s two all!
Recovering, The Browns make a swift move.
They’ve been practising their poo-grove.
An epic slam dunk drowns in the stall!

It’s just halftime but it’s still anyone’s game.
Sloppy playing put Team Brown to shame.
But The Cheeky Pinks also made some mistakes.
Like accidentally passing a whole chocolate cake.
But the decider, who will wear the losers stain?

The final half begins, Pinks pop a stinker!
But Browns have their rear eye on a winker.
A glorious tackle by The Browns captain.
Into the opposition, he splashed a crappin’.
Followed by a mighty solid goal sinker.

The Pinks charge out of the fleshy floodgate.
Poopball clenched tightly, they’re set to eliminate!
But suddenly the ref throws in the paper towel!
A foul committed by a third party, the bowel!
Both teams are flushed away by heavy brown weight.

Pure Pooetry

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