Coffee, Pooetry, The High Seas

Abandon Shit!

In my gut, there’s a churning of boiling hot lava.
Fuelled by chilli, beans and several cups of java.

This deadly mixture wants out of my butthole.
On this porcelain, I fear it will take it’s toll.

The hull is hit with a grease torpedo blast!
Abandon Shit! This vessel is sinking fast!

The porcelain is cracked and beyond all repair.
The crew tried plugging it with their asses bare!

My men have lost hope and shat their breeches.
We’re cursed at sea by nuggety brown pieces.

Those in the lower decks have already drowned.
Their corpses drift in the swampy brown.

This shit is doomed, never again to sail the pipes.
Clogged by Davy Jones, packed with his used wipes.

Those that the brown take, the brown forever keeps.
I shed a tear and my single brown eye weeps.

Pure Pooetry

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