The Purist Pooet

The Purist Pooet is dedicated to his art.
Mentally preparing when he toots a fart.

He’s committed to the pooetry wholeheartedly.
Penning pooems in each and every lavatory.

Going into detail and fine minutiae.
No fecal facet overlooking manure.

When his pen and ink starts a-going…
No doubt his rear is brownly flowing.

He’ll cover the size, shape and even the texture.
A whole paragraph on a hidden corn treasure.

To boot he’ll only write rhymes when on the crapper.
The puritanical pooper prince, the rhyming rapper.

Dropping lyrical loads and making minds blown.
Too busy writing to even let out a groan!

Forever birthing his works of literary doo…
The Purist Pooet is crowned, King of The Loo!

Pure Pooetry

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