The Golden Throne

We all know the feeling of brown overflow…
It’s a surging torrent that is raring to go.

The levy will break if you don’t find safe haven.
Now any old toilet your butt is cravin’.

I was in the above circumstance only just now.
And like a ticking timebomb was my bowel.

Frantically I searched for a loo for several hours.
I came so close to giving in to the fecal powers.

But up ahead, was that the goal I sought?
Or just a mirage my mind had bought?

I staggered closer, with cheeks clenched tight.
Hoping like hell the fecal wouldn’t take flight.

Then there it stood an absolute godsend.
The Golden Throne, my butthole’s best friend.

As soon as my cheeks touched the privy…
I pooped so hard it made me dizzy.

Pure Pooetry

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