A Stinky Mistake

I took a quick break, to release a brown snake, but what came out was rancid mush.
This awful gooey ploppy, felt far too sloppy, I couldn’t wait to give it the flush.

And the stink was atrocious, my hatred for it ferocious, so I angrily sprayed perfume.
But the bottle of spray, I noticed to my dismay, had combined into a foul-smelling gloom.

The pungent aroma got worse, I need to lift this poopy curse, before another pooper joins the stinkfest.
But the beast mutated once more, now it smells of pure gore, and this I sorely detest.

An attempt to leave, but brown still flows so I grieve, now this toilet will be my putrid tomb.
Sitting in the stinky atmosphere, from my eye I wipe a tear, just as another cloud does plume.

Pure Pooetry

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