Pooetry, The High Seas, War

War on The Dark Brown Sea

It’s time to set sail on the dark brown sea.
We’re going to war to set our turds free.

The journey will be dangerous like wee on the seat.
That you didn’t know was there until you planted your cheeks.

It will be gruesome and ugly to give you an idea.
Just imagine your worst case of explosive diarrhoea.

Up with the anchors and away we go.
Man the lookout tower to spy out our foe.

Captain Bogface ahoy, quick fire the torpoodoes!
Destroy our enemy and press flush so he goes.

The dasturdly swine has returned fecal fire.
With a crash and a splash the situation is now dire.

Oh the poomanity! He’s making our turds walk the plank.
Our poor juicy nuggets… please think of the stank.

One by one each nugget makes it drop.
Entering the dark brown sea with a most horrible plop.

Bogface will pay for what he’s doing.
But I won’t get revenge with a regular pooing.

I’ll drink 10 more coffees which should do the trick…
And once and for all destroy Captain Bogface with my battleshit.

Pure Pooetry

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