A Brown Eye For A Brown Eye

This revenge shitting is just the start.
Next move in their bed I plant a shart.
But they have got me dead to rights…
On my desk chair a mountainous shite.
So, fecal war it is… I’ll play my poo-part.

In their car seat, and for all to see…
I leave a soggy puddle of poo and pee.
The cleaning cost will be outrageous.
Sadly it made them get caca-courageous.
They got me with a brown-barrage shitting-spree.

So I place a bucket above their front door.
What’s inside? It’s my fecal galore.
When they get home they’ll open it wide.
Only to be doused with the contents of my hide.
This will finally settle the shitful score.

Pure Pooetry

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