Plunging To Death

I swear this plane just hit some rough turbulence…
Just as I blasted away some lengthy flatulence.

I’m miles above ground on a never-ending flight…
And I’ve just taken the heftiest of all shites.

It’s quite the prize, I’m stunned at the size.
If it could, my butthole would surely cry.

But now in this cubicle, I start to fret.
I’m worried about getting my feet wet.

For I’ve clogged this loo with that epic poo.
And the vacuum won’t suck away the goo.

I flush and flush but can’t free the mush.
I take a breath and think instead of rush.

I found a plunger and began to stab.
Frantically jabbing at the meaty slab.

With such enormous force, my fists pump.
I put my back into it and do a little crump.

But I plunged too hard, not only freeing the lard…
The flap is broken and the plunger sucked out hard!

The plunger now gone, ripped out of my hands.
Sent down to Earth, who knows where it’ll land.

The cubicle is now a victim of the suck.
Various objects are suddenly plucked.

All the dunny rolls and the liquid soap.
Pulled through the loo like flowing rope.

And then without any warning, I felt the mighty tug.
Quickly I turned and used my butt as the plug.

But the vacuum was far too strong for I.
The suction easily defeated my brown eye.

With a loud pop, I was pulled through the hole!
I’ve become the airdrop having left the bowl.

Catching up to the plunger, I grab it in desperation.
I only regret birthing that giant fecal formation.

Pure Pooetry

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