Bangers and Mush

I just released some Bangers and Mush.
Promptly following I pressed the flush!

That was a real banger, I promise you that.
What occurred was quite thick and fat.

I can’t prove it as it’s off to the sewer.
Unless you go on a stinky pipe tour.

But the sound it made once it departed…
Was louder than if Godzilla had farted.

Even the aftermath of his brown payload…
Is naught to what I’ve done to my commode.

The porcelain was hit with an epic shockwave.
Live bacteria were sent to their grave.

This was just the fart, the intro to the mush.
What was coming next would kill and crush.

It brought unstoppable, massive destruction.
I’m still in disbelief I suffered no concussion.

The package was dropped and fell to Earth.
The world would feel it’s weighty worth.

This mush so powerful, an extinction event.
All water displaced and pipes totally bent.

Bowl is shattered, lives are ruined.
All from this devastating pooin’!

Then came the stench, like a tonne of bricks.
A yellow fog of death, heinously thick.

Vision reduced, the air now unbreathable.
You cannot bargain or ask to be reasonable.

In a bomb shelter you might stand a chance.
Unlike all the animals, trees and plants.

They’ve been snuffed out and turned to dust.
Just like my butthole, now a burnt crust.

Pure Pooetry

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