Magic, Pooetry

The Scent of Evil

I detect a most vile scent in the air.
It’s mean and cruel and does not care.

I regret inhaling this most foul fecal.
Smells worse than leavings of a beagle.

This disdainful aroma nearly put me on the floor.
Never had I smelled such sickening gore.

Immediately did my stomach perform an upheaval.
And from my bowels flooded forth the evil.

But the original offence was not even mine.
It’s real owner knew not of its crime.

An innocent kitty, no bigger than a turkey…
Was the culprit of this fog so murky.

But the source of the stink, a poop monumental.
Just looking at it drove my mind mental.

It was insanity-inducing and beyond all comprehension.
The kitty who pooped this gets an honourable mention.

Pure Pooetry

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