Magic, Pooetry

The Grim Reeker

Laying in wait for the perfect chance…
To give you a surprise in your underpants.

This ghastly being is known as The Grim Reeker.
He has fecal powers and is quite the stinker.

Making people all over the world cry…
When he visits them and leaves a curse behind.

You may think its a harmless expulsion of wind.
Only to discover something that’s far more grim.

Their once clean undies are no longer white.
They’re filled with the brown wretched shite.

You don’t know when The Grim Reeker will strike.
But I would warn you against riding your bike!

He doesn’t care where or whatever the time…
He wants you to suffer with his deadly slime.

So pass wind with caution and wish for good luck…
And hopefully, you’ll avoid The Grim Reeker’s muck.

Pure Pooetry

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