The Caganer

El Caganer squats in the middle of the field.
Pants around ankles, soil ready to yield.

The tradition says all farmers must plop!
Crops grow big if you ooze a big slop!

Then plough that manure while riding your yak.
Mix soil and gunk that came from your crack!

Fruit and veges benefit from this historic routine.
Especially when fueled by recycled baked beans!

At Christmas time the fecal is more potent.
So get out and drop a steamy brown rodent!

Cos when you partake in the nativity scene…
They search for the Caganer’s bare spleen.

But some say this was a ritual before combat.
Scaring your enemies with a big old shat.

I admit I am afraid when even a dog poops.
But I don’t want it in my pea and ham soup!

You could say the Caganer is a sort of mascot.
The fertilising gardener, planting brown snot!

We have our own character in a similar act…
Pooman squatting out a dookie, minus red hat!



Caganer, or El Caganer literally translates to “The Pooper.” It is a real thing that originates in some regions of Spain, France and Portugal. It is a figurine of a farmer wearing a red cap, squating and defecating, and is a feature of the nativity scene. It dates back as far as the 18th century. Read more here! Additionally, you can buy your own Caganger figurine from!
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