Slaughter of The Bowl

After eating some insanely spicy chicken…
The insides of my bowels started to thicken.

The heat was potent and intense.
But I’d committed a grave offence.

My gut was not ready nor prepared.
And my butthole would not be spared.

Torrents of searing flame bombarded my backdoor.
I begged and pleaded in pain “Please! No more!”

But the rain of Hellfire was relentless.
Hot shiz outpouring left me breathless.

Finally when it came time to wipe…
And all the lava had entered the pipe…

I could see the final fecal results below.
The shiz had left a redish glow!

The porcelain now broken was eaten away!
Melted by my sizzling brown and red clay!

Pure Pooetry