Anoos The Wise

When you feel the Anoos rumbling below.
A great awakening starts to grow.
Soon a streaming knowledge will ebb and flow.

The Anoos is more than just a great power.
It has intelligence along with it’s sloppy sour.
A wisdom to make fecal fools cower.

A mental mass does drip drip drop.
The Anoos opens wide and begins the slop.
A flooding of feces, better grab the mop!

Anoos is the all-seeing third brown eye.
Ask with wet-whispered questions to lies.
Mysteries unravelled to the slurry-psi.

A revelation dawns upon your ass-brow.
Not mind tricks but mindfulness of foul.
Anoos bestows enlightenment to your bowel.

Cosmic oneness oozes from your mind’s behind.
Psychic senses wafting unrefined.
The Anoos has peeled off another brown gristle rind.

Pure Pooetry

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