Anoos The Powerful

When you feel the tingle in The Anoos, you’ll know it’s time to unload the poose. Wherever you are just let it loose.

The Anoos might need a twist and shake, to free that brown slimy snake. Soon you’ll have produced a chocolate cake.

If your Anoos is stubborn and tight, you may have to give it a lil fright. Before long you’ll be quite the sight.

Yet dangerous is the Anoos’ spray. Jet fuel has nothing on the brown death-ray. Even steel girders it can eat away!

A weapon it can be your powerful Anoos. Released upon enemies it’s deadly juice. Reducing them to a chocolate mousse.

So treat your Anoos with love and care. Into it’s brown eye do not stare. Else the sting you’ll feel of it’s rectal flare!

Pure Pooetry

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