Magic, Pooetry

There’s a Goblin in My Loo

There’s a goblin in my loo.
He devours all the poo.
But he’s quite a nice chap.
Never gives a butt slap.
But his breath is number two.

In a way I’m his landlord.
Though he doesn’t pay any board.
He just keeps the porcelain clean.
It always has a nice sheen.
All he wants is a fecal reward.

But I have something to confess.
A sound that caused distress.
This distributing thing I heard.
Was him slurping the turds.
My toilet, I must repossess.

Though his heart will be crushed.
I told him enough was enough.
So the eviction notice I gave.
Followed by a sheepish wave.
Then I pressed hard the flush.

Pure Pooetry

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