Magic, Pooetry

Planet Poop

Shizhard Wizard again, exploring the poopy cosmos!
I’m searching for worlds to deposit my rear compost!

With an “ABRA-CRAP-DABRA!” and a snap of my fingers…
I vanish in a farty cloud and leave some stinky lingers.

But I got cocky and abused my magical poo-powers.
I zapped myself to a planet where poop rains like showers!

The second I arrived, I was pelted with the brown soup.
I had no time to react or deflect the rancid goop.

I was coated in the muck from head to toe.
And that’s when I saw a giant tidal wave flow.

It was a shit-tsunami, headed my way.
There was no escaping this liquid dismay.

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.
But seconds passed and still dry was my vest!

Opening my eyes revealed an amazing sight!
Not a single drop of brown or any kinda shite!

I was still in bed, I had just awoken from a dream!
But sadly my wizard sheets were filled with brown cream.

Pure Pooetry

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