Pooetry, War

Chemical Warfare

I just popped off a stinky, from my rear pinky.
Now to release the source with a brown eye winky.

However, as I was lowering myself to the throne…
I caught the wind of my butt’s awful moan.

But it’s far worse than you may think…
Because my face caught the stink…

I must now regrettably report…
My mouth greeted the foul consort.

And due to it being wide open…
I got a taste of something broken.

Most likely my bowels, or an internal organ.
Exhausting bad fumes is just the warnin’.

Immediately I did splutter and cough.
I needed to vomit into a trough.

For the farty gases that hung in the air…
Landed on my tongue as chemical warfare.

I gaged and dry heaved all over the floor.
Followed by a southern flooding downpour.

Pure Pooetry

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