Pooetry, The High Seas

Painful Brown Birth

I just gave a painful brown birth.
It split me apart, with it’s wide girth.

When it landed into the sea.
It sunk deeply and I felt glee.

An enormous splash it did make.
Never-ending ripples left in it’s wake.

Such relief once it was finally out.
Though as it left I gave a weak shout.

I swear my weight became much lighter.
But my rectum was the opposite of tighter.

Slowly but surely down the brown did creep.
Darker and darker, into waters so deep.

Into the abyss where humans fear to go.
To descend forever, did this fecal flow.

Like buried treasure lost through time.
Drifting away went my rancid slime.

Past the fishes and basic marine life.
It kept going down, my rear brown strife.

Past the microbes and tiny water creatures.
The kind you need to analyse with tweezers.

A sudden thud, it landed in a sandy cloud.
In a brown dust it was coated like a shroud.

There it lay, it’s final rest for oblivion.
Until it got eaten by a random amphibian!

Pure Pooetry

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