Subtle Work Unloading

I find myself sitting at the daily grind.
Squeezing one out from my stinky rind.

It feels squishy, warm, nice and soft.
I don’t care, my undies weren’t even washed.

Coffee helps me from throwing in the towel.
Because mundane work requires an alert bowel.

The occasional grunt might arouse suspicion.
But my co-workers shan’t interrupt my messy mission.

If I want to be an efficient worker.
I’ll let my pants contain the lurker.

I have oozed too far to turn back now.
My ass is deep into the brown plough.

Then it hits me like a tonne of shit bricks…
The smell that is, it might trigger office politics.

And then the stink hits my nostrils and they flare wide open!
My gawd! There’s no way this deed will go unspoken!

Pure Pooetry

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