Hump Day

It’s finally Hump Day, let’s hear a cheer!
And now let’s blast brown from our rear!

For some reason Wednesday, The Day of Hump…
Makes me wanna go hard like a water pump!

Now to flush and wipe, there are no complaints.
Luckily the horrendous smell didn’t make me faint.

My bowels feel good, I’ve nothing to fear.
Today there will be no southern smear.

I’m clean as a whistle and free and a bird.
Today my undies will not receive turd.

But boy oh boy, that was a hefty unloading.
I’m surprised my anus survived such exploding.

Oh no here comes another, it feels colossal.
If it gets stuck, with my butt and hips I will jostle.

It births with some force and makes a crash.
Hopefully this doesn’t give me any diaper rash.

So I propose we rename The Day of The Hump.
Poohaps we now call it The Day of The Dump!

Pure Pooetry

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