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Six months ago a release came from within.
Yeah, our book may be small and thin…
But it’s filled with pooetry gold and bronze.
Like content from a thousand used Johns.
With homemade sculptures all built-in!

Read it when you’re taking a dump.
If you have trouble moving that lump…
You could use a few little giggles.
They’ll give you that extra wiggle.
And it’ll free that nugget from your rump.

You’ll love these pooems we’ve penned.
Else think of your poor family and friends.
Without pooetry humour in their lives.
If only they had a Pure Pooetry archive.
So to them, this book you should lend!

This pooem is a shameless sales pitch.
I’m sorry we had to scratch that rear itch.
But seriously, nothing else could be finer.
Laughing while pooping in a bathroom dinner.
Then stinking it up with a loaf you just pinched.

Pure Pooetry

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