Pooetry, The High Seas

From The Shitey Deep

It brewed inside like a colossal storm.
It began last night and it now it is morn.

The seas of turd became so violent.
What was lurking below was some kind of giant.

Thunder was heard and then came the rain.
My rectum convulsing in agonising pain.

This monster of the deep had come prepared.
He was ready to fight and he wasn’t scared.

Its horrible shriek could be heard from far and wide.
But there was no place to run nor a place to hide.

Then the beast reared its ugly head.
If he saw you, you were as good as dead.

It launched an attack of vulgar brown ink.
I was completely blinded and gagging from the stink.

I was incapacitated and completely stunned.
The furious battle had begun.

More blood-curdling screams as the beast came near.
My confidence was diminishing and being replaced by fear.

Where this beast came from I shall never know.
But I had to kill it before my red river flowed.

I launched an attack and the beast left its hole.
It was out in the open, I achieved my goal.

I had a chance now with the beast in view.
But suddenly there was another toxic spew.

Again I was hit and I feared for my life.
This monstrous beast was causing me strife.

I needed a miracle now, I was basically dead.
Then I remembered the chilli garlic bread.

I scoffed it down and began to shart.
Each blob hitting him like a toxic dart.

He screamed once more as I released my rain of fire.
Suddenly my circumstances seemed less dire.

This beast of legend he was almost done.
I couldn’t believe the battle was almost won.

I reached for the flusher with all my pride.
I thunderously hit it, his corpse now floats travelling with the tide.

Pure Pooetry

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