A Twin

Slow and steady is how it creeped.
My big slimy turd decided to peek.

Straight away stench filled the air.
Alone with my poo and my despair.

Like a slug it hardly moved.
But in due time that feces grew.

I wondered how long before it dropped.
I wouldn’t want any size to be cropped.

So I relaxed my anus and took a breath,
sadly my turd fell to its death.

Though it was sad there was another!
This turd, my friends had a twin brother!

He was bigger and much more stronger.
He grew and grew much more longer.

Finally, he touched the water.
Still attached to my anus and not getting any shorter.

So I pressed the flusher while he was still dangling.
He got sucked right out without any mangling.

Pure Pooetry

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