A Stink To End All Stinks

I just created the world’s worst stink.
A reeking that made me second think…

What have I done? I feel guilty as sin.
This pungent stench, I oughta turn myself in.

I should be accountable for this stink.
I hope it doesn’t make all life extinct.

It even forced the neighbouring pooper…
To barf up his dinner, what a trooper.

I hear him faint and slump on the floor.
My god! I can’t take this stink no more!

I start to gag as I reach for the air spray.
Then I cough and splutter, this ain’t my day.

I fumble and it rolls away out of my reach.
Suddenly paralysed, I feel like a whale, beached.

Gasping for air, I only inhale fog of brown.
Now filled with farts, my lungs do drown.

Last thoughts that waft through my mind.
Will anyone know I doomed all mankind?

Pure Pooetry

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