Magic, Pooetry

Turned To Darkness – Part I

Darkness fell upon the bowl…
As The Wizard arrived to reap souls.

He prays on the innocent who have no clue.
With a deadly strike while they go number two.

I’m talking of course about constipation.
The dreaded act that ends in damnation.

Your bowels are loaded and ready fire.
But a sudden corking, and you perspire!

The pressure is quickly building and cannot be released.
You’re feeling pain and groaning like a wounded beast.

A curse on you, you Shizhard Wizard!
Casting your spells, halting fecal blizzards.

Will you ever relent your heinous wrath?
Will you ever allow another turd to be shat?

Who will rise up and fight against this foe?
Maybe Papa or The Count? In part two you’ll know!

Pure Pooetry

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