Magic, Pooetry


After depositing a dreadful load…
And luckily safe in my abode.

But upon my face grew a sneer.
When into the bowl I did peer.

For what I saw was a surprise.
My fears did suddenly rise.

The sight was ghastly and so foul.
To think it came from my own bowel!

Immediately reaching for the flusher.
Yet I found myself in such a fluster.

Frozen, I was stuck in a trance.
Still around my ankles lay my pants.

Transfixed, I simply could not avert my gaze.
The sight of this fecal, a cloudy brown haze.

Such seething disdain I had for this poop.
Yet I could not flush to break the loop.

And the stench, like tendrils, had entered my nose.
The rancid aroma held me in this pose.

Many hours later and I’m still stuck here.
I haven’t the willpower to flush the smear.

Forever paralyzed by this sinister goop.
If only I was warned of this evil poop!

Pure Pooetry

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