Magic, Pooetry

Filling The Pumpkin

Oh boy oh boy, it’s time for Halloween.
The best time to eject from my spleen.

My pumpkin is carved and ready for display.
The final touch? Filled with brown clay.

It has to be frightful to fit the theme.
So now it oozes the sour brown cream.

I wonder if Count Dumpula will appear tonight?
What if he gives my butt a vampire bite?

But I’m not scared, I’m hopped up on sugars.
My ass is loaded with wads of brown boogers.

I’m filled with candies and all kinds of sweets.
Soon to be expelled as rancid brown meats.

This will be gross, and certainly no treat.
Oh no, my butt just gave a scary bleat.

Gotta visit the porcelain, white as a ghost.
That fart burnt my undies, brown like toast.

The only trick I’ll get this spooky evening…
Will be on the bowl as my ass is grieving.

Pure Pooetry

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