Doodoo Baking

I’m about to make a doodoo pie.
Fresh and steaming from my brown eye.

I lay some paper to contain the mess.
An important step I need to stress.

Otherwise, your precious filling will spill.
And there’ll be no pie on your windowsill.

It’s also very important while your ingredients rest.
To add some coffee, a double shot works best.

Once all combined the magic happens.
Sooner or later you’ll go a crappin’.

For pastry one must use only the finest ply.
Line the entire bowl front back and sides.

Now you’re ready to unload the stinky fudge.
Take care to avoid a tear or smudge.

Fill the bowl to about half-way.
Saving leftovers for another day.

Fold the upper ply down to seal the pie.
And close the lid for a real deep fry.

Give it an hour then have a look.
Your doodoo pie shall now be cooked.

Now let it cool before you grab a slice.
And make sure you don’t forget to wipe!

Pure Pooetry

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