Custard Fart

PHOOAAR! What an epic fart!
Smells just like a custard tart.

It has an aroma so fruity and rich.
And the rear toot had a squeaky pitch.

But sadly this was just the introduction…
Cos moments later came a sloppy pooduction.

I dashed to the loo to deliver this dessert.
It sleuthed out easily but something was hurt.

My insides were more than a little queasy.
And the feeling was just wee a bit uneasy.

Then came a sudden furious liquid blasting.
Like a shuttle take-off but brown departing.

Jet streams out like sickly ribbons…
These sloppy and angry brown gibbons.

I must endure this terrible custard ride.
But due to the g-forces, my bowel has died.

Pure Pooetry

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