The Poo Sync

This pooem is a bit like synchronised swimming.
But it’s to do with scat and two butts are singing…

You discover your BFF and you…
Are simultaneously doing a poo.

You’re both doing the doodoo-deed.
In sync, unloading, the opposite of a feed.

You share this special brown bond.
Making ripples in the bowl’s pond.

It warms your bowel and your heart.
When you’re both expelling the à la carte.

This togetherness is significant and unique.
Because you two are oozing from the cheek.

The number two is what makes this special.
As you lay the brown paste of a stink pretzel.

But most importantly is at the end…
When you and your shitful best friend…

You get up, wipe and flush at the same time…
In unison saying farewell to the brown slime.

Pure Pooetry

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