This rancid poop I’ve created…
Was born of nothing but hatred.
I have a reason for this nasty spawning.
For when I awoke earlier this morning…
I was poopy-pranked, it was calculated.

My foot went into a stealthy steamer.
And my carpets will need a dry cleaner.
So I hobbled quickly to the shower.
And turned on the water, max power.
Only to be rained on by turdly creamers.

How could I fall for such a poopy-prank!?!
Now I’m covered in a stink so rank!
As I scrub I plot a rectal retaliation.
Poohaps I’ll slip em some turbo laxation!
Or force em to walk the poopy plank.

They got me real good I’ll admit that.
Rigging my water with the brown fat.
But I have an idea who this fiend is.
And I’m gonna coat em in the brown biz.
Hence I’ve birthed this hateful shat!

Pure Pooetry

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