Let me introduce you to some friends of mine.
Some yellow, some grey, most brown like grime.
They’re called Poopeez, an amusing bunch.
Soft and stretchy, they go squish not crunch!
But in the toilets, they’re not always confined.

There’s Skid Mark, the tubular, turdular dude.
When you see his skids you know he’s pooed!
There’s Pooji, a funster with loads of pranks.
Most involve accidents that stink so rank!
Now on YouTube they can be viewed!

I mustn’t forget the yellow, cute Lil Squirt.
Don’t make him mad or parts will get hurt!
There’s also Dumpling, the ninja brown belt.
His poowerful moves dealt, surely you’ve smelt.
Around them don’t drop a brown blurt.

Mustn’t forget The Toot Fairy to grant wishes.
Be careful not to end up a floater with fishes!
Doo-Diva had a party and all came along.
But later everyone felt soggy and wrong!
Pie-arrhea will think twice about those dishes!

I’m glad Poopeez are here, keeping us entertained.
Even though their adventures seem a bit hare-brained.
It’s the best when T.P and the gang save the day.
Stopping S.B.D and nasties getting away.
Without The Poopeez we’d be left brownly stained!

Check out the Poopeez toy range and much more at their website, and on YouTube! They’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Pure Pooetry

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