Magic, Pooetry

Pandora’s Butt

You will be amiss.
If you take a big sniff.
You will feel aghast.
Inhaling this blast.
And your innards will become stiff.

It’s a special kind of fart.
More like a piece of art.
It’s a scent that brings out emotions.
To drown oneself in stormy oceans.
This life you’ll wish to depart.

But this is just a warning.
Southward evil is spawning.
Slimy meat grotesquely crowning.
You best not sit there lounging.
The beast arrives by morning.

The reckless rectum opens wide.
Birthing Satan’s golden pride.
The stench dooms all of mankind.
Oblivious of your own behind.
Pandora’s butt induces rectal homicide.
Pure Pooetry

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