Mornings, Pooetry

Monday Morning Stink

The Monday morning stink.
Will really make you think.
What went through these bowels?
Maybe several dead cows.
Rectum is no longer pink.

Stained with a dark brown.
This fecal has gone to town.
The weekend feast did this.
Going in the food was bliss.
But now I’m feeling quite down.

Monday is already bad enough.
With the shitty work stuff.
Co-workers would be grossed out.
There’d be vomiting all about.
I’d cower with my filthy brown bluff.

Luckily this was birthed at home.
Where I was free to moan and groan.
At the awfulness of the smell.
That was sent straight from Hell.
But my plumbing is now blown.

Pure Pooetry

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