Layers of Filth

In the bowl lies a stinky slurry.
Made from yesterday’s rancid curry.

But before then it was murky meat pie.
The stench brought a tear to my brown eye.

Dating back even further than that.
Was the leftover ravioli I forcibly shat.

But all these wretched dumps still remain.
Layered atop, mixed to the colour of champagne.

You see, this toilet has become a melting pot.
A collection of multiple layers of brown rot.

They merge together these fecal levels.
Combining into a poo made by The Devil.

Friends poop over and lay down a piece.
And never flush away their foul grease.

We’ve been honing this sickening craft.
For at least a full month and a half.

As the layers increase so too does the mass.
This shitty pile grows, fueled from our ass.

God only knows the final fecal outcome.
I hope the pipes won’t need a plumb!

Pure Pooetry

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