Magic, Pooetry

Count Dumpula Strikes!

So once again it’s that time of year…
The Count searches for the poofect rear.

Halloween is upon us, meaning only one thing.
The Count is on the hunt for the tastiest ring.

No ring is too small, too big or too sweaty!
He searches for one that makes brown spaghetti!

Trick or treat, The Count flies from house to house.
Quietly landing like a subtle brown mouse.

In through the window, The Count sits and stares…
And finally spies the poofect derrière.

The victim has been chosen, what a beautiful sight.
The Count crashes through with horrific might.

Squeals can be heard up and down the street.
Only to be masked by sounds of trick or treat.

Into the night he flies with the victim’s buttocks in hand.
Returning to his porcelain throne, was his master plan.

Halloween has passed, another victim disappears.
The Count will return the same time next year!

Pure Pooetry